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My name is Boogie. 

I know you love dogs. May I tell you my story?

It was the end of the month, and my family was moving to a new home – a new adventure together! At first, I was so excited!
Mom put my toys, bowls, and blanket in a box, and we went to the car. I like car rides because I sit on my little human brother’s lap. I love him so much!

It was scary when my family abandoned me.

After a while, mom pulled into the Athens Area Humane Society. That’s strange. Am I going to the vet? Am I getting a doggie friend? No… it’s night time. No one is here. Mom put me in a kennel and left me at the door. My brother was crying. What’s happening? Wait! Don’t leave me – I’m scared! I’ll be a good boy! I love you!

Was I a bad boy? Why did my family leave me? I didn’t understand. I was so happy.

I waited and waited for my family to return. But they didn’t. It was dark and I was really scared. What if a bad person found me? It was hot and I had no water to drink. I was too anxious to sleep and I missed my family so much. I waited and hoped a kind person would find me.

In the morning, I saw a lady going to work. I barked to make sure she saw me. Her name was Ashley and she took me out of my kennel, gave me a hug, and told me everything would be okay. Ashley gave me a yummy breakfast, bathed and brushed me, trimmed my nails, and said I was so handsome! I really missed my family, but I knew this was a place where kind people loved dogs like me.

Look how handsome I am after a bath!

Ashley is the Shelter Manager, and she gave me my own special room with a snuggly bed, nourishing food for my grumbling tummy, and new toys – I especially love my blue dinosaur! I’ll never forget how safe I felt. I got so many kisses and cuddles from nice people called volunteers that I lost count!

The next day, Dr. Simpson examined me. She said I was healthy, but it was time for me to be neutered, whatever that means. I don’t remember that. I only remember waking up and a smiling lady named Leah kissed me on the nose and said I was the ‘best dog ever!’ I thought this was my new home – I had humans who loved me, dog friends to bark and play with, and my very own room.

There were dogs just like me who had been abandoned at the shelter – my friend Luna told me her dad left her inside the Humane Society’s bark park. She was scared and cried all night. Ashley rescued her, too.

Why did the people we loved unconditionally suddenly abandon us? I thought I would never belong to a family again.

My friend Luna was abandoned at AAHS, too.

But then one day . . . a kind lady named Melissa and her young son came just to see me! He reminded me of my little brother. We played and snuggled and then Melissa said, “I think he’s perfect. I love him – let’s take him home!” I couldn’t believe it – this was my new family!

I was a little sad to say goodbye to my new friends – especially Ashley, but I promised her I would always be a good boy. Life is so happy now. I am safe, healthy, and most importantly, I am dearly loved. I will always be grateful to the Athens Area Humane Society for giving me and Luna a second chance to find love.

A good and grateful boy,

Boogie and Luna were lucky dogs, indeed, but countless other abandoned and neglected pets remain at risk.

In the summer months, far too many dogs and cats are abandoned or left outside in the blistering heat by those who once promised to love them. Because we never turn away a pet who needs us, our resources are stretched to the limit.

You can make a real difference in the lives of dogs and cats just like Boogie and Luna.

When you send a generous donation to our summer emergency fund, you’ll help save animals from unspeakable neglect, cruelty, and suffering. You’ll also bring great joy to loving adopters who open their hearts and their homes to a lifelong member of the family.

Thank you so much for your generous support that helps give happy endings to thousands of deserving pets like Boogie every year.

P.S., Did you know that the Athens Area Humane Society – the region’s only no-kill shelter – has been helping animals in our community since 1899? AAHS is not affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States. We are YOUR local no-kill pet shelter.