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Fostering Saves Lives 🥰

Your Temporary Home Can Have a Permanent Impact

There are endless benefits to fostering. It aids in socialization of pets in our care, making them more prepared for an eventual transition into their forever home. It also helps us in finding out more about each pet’s personality, so that we can better match them to a forever home. 

Plus, if you aren’t quite sure whether you’re ready for adoption just yet, fostering is a great way to test the waters! You can get all the cuddles, walks, and playtime with a furry friend that your heart desires—and AAHS covers all foster-related expenses, including all medical care, food, crates, supplies, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pets need foster homes?

ALL kinds! Dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. You choose what pet(s) will best fit into your home. No matter what pet you choose, it will open up a spot for us to save another life!

What does a foster parent do?

A foster parent does everything a pet owner does, but for a shorter time! Daily care, feeding, grooming, reinforcing obedience, and generally giving the pet love and affection, along with a safe place to stay. Foster parents are important for so many reasons. Foster parents help get pets ready for adoption. Foster parents learn what a pet is like in a home situation, their likes and dislikes, their personalities, and their little quirks; things that are impossible to tell in a shelter situation. These things are crucial to helping a pet find their perfect forever home!

What makes a great foster home?

Any loving home that can help a pet with social skills and adapting to a normal routine has the potential to be a great foster home. Some of the traits that aren’t required but make a foster home exceptional include:

  • Previous experience with bottle feeding puppies or kittens
  • Ability to pick up on pets’ nonverbal cues to help them with things like behavioral training and health concerns
  • Previous training experience
  • Previous experience providing at-home medical care (oral and topical medication)

How long will the foster pet stay with me?

This is our most common question, and is the most difficult to answer. It can be anywhere from a weekend, to a few weeks, to a few months. It will depend on what our need is at the time and what you are able to commit to at the time. We are flexible and appreciate any help you can give!

Do I need to be home all day in order to foster?

Absolutely not. Unless you are fostering a puppy or kitten who need bottle feeding, your foster should be just fine crated or contained at home during your work day, just like any other pet. We do ask fosters who have resident pets to keep them separated from the foster when they are not home to supervise pet interactions.

Do I have to pay for anything myself?

No! AAHS will cover all the costs of all necessary medical care, food, crates, supplies, etc. However, remember that all expenses associated with your foster pet are tax deductible because we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Many fosters choose to purchase toys or treats for their foster pets, but we are happy to provide everything you will need.

What if I become too attached to my foster?

Letting go is the biggest fear for many people. You are fostering because you love animals and you will probably become attached. It would be strange if you didn’t! It is completely natural to love your foster and it is never easy to let them go. All rescue volunteers understand this. When a foster fully realizes the wonderful gift they were able to give to an animal in need as well as their new family, it makes it all worthwhile! To have opened your heart and your home, is truly an amazing experience. When your foster pet is adopted, then you will be able to save another animal in need. It is truly rewarding knowing you are keeping helpless animals from dying in the shelter. We couldn’t save lives without our dedicated foster parents!

Am I allowed to adopt my foster pet?

Of course! It is lovingly called “foster failure” if this happens. We understand how you can become attached and you are always offered first choice in adopting your foster pet!

How It Works

Fill out our Foster Application Form below. 📝

Please note that to apply, your residence must be within 30 minutes of the shelter due to the Home Inspection requirement, need of vet care, potential adoption events. Foster homes must have prior approval from landlords/parents/roommates, etc.

Review Process 🤓

We’ll review your application, contact you to attend a 1-hour foster orientation, and schedule a home inspection.

Approval 👍🏽

After you’ve been approved, we’ll give you access to AAHS’s private fostering Facebook group, where you’ll be able to view available pets and express interest in fostering a specific one (first-come, first-served basis).

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