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Pet Rehoming

AAHS is a Socially Conscious Community Shelter

We’re dedicated to helping save lives and keep animals from being euthanized in Georgia. Animal controls are overrun with pets in need of our help and they are our first priority—we are a limited intake shelter and we work closely with our state animal control facilities to rescue animals in need.

However, we also help people who are in need of rehoming a pet. When you adopted your pet, the last thing you ever envisioned was having to give him or her up; but we understand that there can sometimes be extenuating circumstances. If you are no longer able to provide a safe and loving home for your pet, you may inquire about rehoming him or her to AAHS.

Things to Know 💡

Before You Surrender

  • If you’re struggling to afford vaccines or preventative healthcare for your pet, check out our low-cost clinic as a resource.
  • If you need help to provide food for your pet, check out our food bowl program that provides pet food to pet owners in need.
  • Under Georgia state law 501(c)3 nonprofits organizations cannot accept abandoned or lost/found pets. You must contact your local county animal control to report or look for your found or missing pet. We’re happy to scan for the microchip. Websites such as can help reunite pets with their pet parents.

How to Surrender

If you would like more information about surrendering your pet to AAHS, contact us and a staff member will contact you. You must be able to prove legal ownership of the pet in order for us to accept a surrender. Please keep in mind that we get many requests each day and do our best to reply to each and every one. For rehoming requests, we ask that you fill out the form below.

Surrender Form

The surrender form will be forwarded to the shelter manager who will be in contact with you as to whether or not we can accept your pet. Please allow at least 5 business days for a response as we receive many surrender requests daily. While we will do our best to help, we are not able to take in every animal we receive a request for.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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