Why Should You Spay/Neuter?

First and foremost, spaying or neutering can improve your pet's quality of life due to health benefits and a longer life span. Spaying and neutering can prevent animals from developing certain types of cancers that are associated with reproductive organs. Spaying also prevents females from going into heat, which can be messy and fairly frequent (depending on your pet's individual cycle).

Second, spaying and neutering helps to prevent future litters of unwanted puppies and kittens. Pet overpopulation is a huge problem, and one of the most effective ways to reduce pet overpopulation is to spay/neuter. Many healthy adoptable animals have to be euthanized because there are just too many animals in local shelters and rescue groups. Spaying and neutering has a ripple effect - two unaltered cats and their litters could produce over 420,000 animals in 7 years; but a simple surgery can prevent this from happening.

Third, your pet's behavior can change - for the better. Males will no longer have the desire to roam or mark their territory. They are also likely to experience decreases in aggression. This means that your pets will have less destructive behaviors and will likely have calmer temperaments.


Give your pet a better chance at a healthy and happy life and prevent unplanned litters from ending up in shelters. Click here to book your appointment with Athens Area Humane Society today.