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Summer Camps for Kids

For Ages 6-10 😻

Humane Heroes Camp

The Humane Heroes Camp is a week-long adventure at the shelter dedicated to teaching young kids basic skills and information when it comes to owned pets, stray pets, and shelter pets! We go over things like basic animal handling skills, how to observe behaviors in pets, and what makes a good pet owner a GREAT pet owner. Our week is filled with workshops and guest speakers (both hooman and working pets alike) to help us endow your children with the gift of humane education.

For Ages 11-13 🐕‍🦺

Junior Vet Camp

The Junior Vet Camp gives us a chance to familiarize your preteen with the more in-depth knowledge in the rescue/veterinarian world that maybe your average person wouldn’t know. Five days of workshops and educational videos by experts about intermediate level pet care, observing pet behavior, AND each day we take a field trip to see a rescue partner, whether it be a veterinarian clinic or your local county animal control, to show all the cogs in the machine that is the rescue industry. It also gives the kids a chance to acquaint themselves with the different careers within the rescue industry. Who knows? Maybe we’re among the next Jackson Galaxy, leading the charge and revolutionizing what it means to rescue.